PII Encryption Toolbox

With PII Guard’s Encryption Toolbox, you can securely encrypt and decrypt data while preserving its formats. This means, as an example, that a securely encrypted e-mail address still looks like an e-mail address to your application.

The Encryption Toolbox is the foundation of PII Guard’s other products. PII Guard has patents pending on the technology.

Important properties of the data are preserved.

No sensitive information
is leaked.


  • Prevents information loss since encrypted information is of no value to an attacker.
  • Facilitates safe processing and storage of PII and confidential information in the Cloud, by third-parties, or in less secure environments in general.
  • Enable outsourcing of processing and storage of PII and confidential information.
  • Reduce scope of privacy and information protection legislation/compliance.


  • Format of information (no matter if text, numeric, or binary) is preserved.
  • Allows storage and processing of encrypted information transparent to existing applications.
  • Encrypted records (e.g. in databases) can maintain relations.
  • Encrypted information can maintain important properties such as credit card IIN/BIN ranges and check sums.
  • Delivered as an easy-to-use API.

Availability: Planned release Q4 2018. Proof-of-concept available now.

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