Data Gateway

Does your data contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or other sensitive information?

Would you like to be able to transfer your data between systems and security zones in a secure way?

With Data Gateway, you can transfer, share, access, and use your data securely across systems and security zones. You can share data without the risk of exposing PII, confidential- or sensitive information. The unique encryption technology built into Data Gateway allows you to access and use the data as usual but prevents persons or sensitive information from being identified in the data.

Important properties of the data are preserved.

No sensitive information
is leaked.


  • Share sensitive data between IT environments and security zones without security concerns.
  • Protected data preserve its value for analysis and processing.
  • High degree of automation (save time, improve quality and security, reduce barriers for sharing data).
  • Automatic documentation for security auditors, application owners, developers, etc.
  • Allows processing and storage of data on platforms with weaker access control mechanisms, e.g. big data, data warehouse, and cloud platforms.
  • Helps complying with GDPR.


  • Automatic detection of layout, content, and format of data.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Multiple methods for protecting data, including format-preserving encryption and anonymization.
  • High performance and support for horizontal scaling (parallel processing).
  • Designed for enterprise operations (redundancy, logging, LDAP, support, etc.).
  • Operate on databases and files.
  • Collisions in relational database primary/foreign keys are prevented mathematically, i.e. no need for creating and maintaining a database of mappings between generated keys and corresponding original keys to prevent that two original keys are mapped to the same generated key.

Automation and value preservation

Data Gateway facilitates a high degree of automation throughout the process of sharing protected data. It helps identify and map the data. It helps classify the data and set policies for protection. It helps share, move, and convert the data to the requested form. All though a self-service portal.

A unique feature of Data Gateway is its ability to preserve the value of the data it protects. Data protected by Data Gateway preserve the features required for analysis as well as irregularities needed for effective testing. Yet, it does not leak PII or sensitive information. Data Gateway offers a collection of reports documenting the source data and how it is protected and processed to ease the jobs of security auditors, application owners, developers, testers, etc.

Data Gateway is built upon the unique protection technologies from the PII Encryption Toolbox.

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