Do you want to continue using Google Analytics legally?

At PII Guard, we are specialists in protecting personal data, and we have a simple and easy solution which enables you to continue using Google Analytics while complying with the personal data legislation. You will actually be able to continue as you did before.

Production data
Production data

PII Guard has a solution

At PII Guard we have a simple and innovative Google Analytics GDPR solution. We insert a proxy in the traffic to Google (a proxy server), enabling us to control what is being sent to Google and allowing anonymization and other protective means of the data.

Production data

Easy getting started

Our solution is GDPR compliant

Follows The Danish Data Protection Agency's recommendations

Simple and easy to get up and running

Replace link in your Google Analytics with link from PII Guard

Full use of Google Analytics

We do not remove more GA-data than necessary

Three simple steps

It is easy to get started on complying with GDPR, and it does not require great technical expertise.

Locate required information from the Google account

Set up account with PII Guard

Update the link to analytics.js on your website

Need more information?

If you have questions about Google Analytics and GDPR regulations, please visit our FAQ page for detailed information.

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Want to become a partner?

PII Guard is a Danish company with many years of expertise in data security. We operate within the borders of EU and our Google Analytic solution is built on a solid and competent foundation. We offer companies a partnership enabling you to offer your clients an easy and a proper solution with PII Guard handling the technical part.

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