Test Data Generator

Would better test data make your testing more effective?

Good test data is the very foundation of good testing of software and IT systems. Your test data must reflect your production data in format, volume, errors, and irregularities.

Unfortunately, good test data is difficult to obtain. The best test data is production data, but in most cases, production data cannot be used for testing due to issues related to privacy, security and/or segregation of duties. Therefore, it is often necessary to manually create test data to test software and systems. This manually-generated data will typically not represent the production data in format, volume, errors, or irregularities. PII Guard’s Test Data Generator can provide test data, which resembles production data in virtually every aspect.

Important properties of the data are preserved.

No sensitive information
is leaked.


  • Significantly improved ability to identify and correct errors and defects in software before deployment to production.
  • Facilitates segregation of duties by allowing developers to better reproduce errors without access to production data.
  • No leakage of PII or sensitive data into non-production IT environments.


  • Generates test data which closely resembles production data.
  • Collisions in relational database IDs can be prevented mathematically, i.e. no risk of mixed-up record and no need for creating and maintaining a database of generated IDs to prevent overlapping IDs.
  • High performance and possibility for horizontal scaling (parallel processing).

Test Data Generator is built upon the unique protection technologies from the PII Encryption Toolbox.

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