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Our data protection process

With our software you will be guided through a simple three step process

  • Scan
  • Protect
  • Use
  • Advanced Scanning Technology

    Our advanced scanning technology detects the type of data, formatting, errors and irregularities.


    Image of Data Gateway

    Data Gateway

    Revolutionizes the anonymization process through extensive automation. From analyzing source data to generating protected data, the platform streamlines tasks such as policy and access guidelines, data identification, mapping, classification, and secure data transfer—all accessible through a user-friendly self-service portal.

    Image of Analytics Gateway

    Analytics Gateway

    A trailblazing solution for website owners to give their visitors a cookieless experience and provide +100% more data, better quality, and higher knowledge to build awesome customer journeys – in full compliance with all privacy regulations.

    Test data made easy

    PII Guard's software is your gateway to excellent and secure test data. Our solution empowers clients to derive high-quality test data directly from production data, preserving its volume, relations, and irregularities. Importantly, it shields Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive details, making it sharable while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

    Strategic investment

    Time savings

    From manual data entry to automation

    Access to data

    With protected data your employees will get easy access to customer data

    Data security enhancement

    Protection of your data and full compliance. Avoid having unprotected copies of your production data

    Quality improvement

    Identify insights and defects early in the development process

    Klas Flodqvist

    The Test Data Generator enabled VW Financial Services to obtain test data that closely mirrored our production data throughout our development process. The most valuable achievement was to give our developers easy access to relevant data and to data in full compliance.

    Klas Flodqvist, Test Manager/Test environment management, Volkswagen Financial ServicesVW Logo

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