Analytics Gateway

From our expert knowledge and experience in data protection and privacy, we have developed Analytics Gateway which enables our customers to operate their web sites in cookieless mode, while continue using their preferred website analytic tools.

We aim to provide our customers with better quality and more data about their website visitors and at the same time offer best-in-class protection of the end-user’s privacy (GDPR, etc.), before data is transferred to Big Tech companies for their storage and processing.

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Creative Team

Solution and value creation

PII Guard Analytics Gateway can be operated as SaaS or as Self-Hosting in different modes to match stakeholder requirements from sales, marketing, business intelligence, legal, IT, DPO, etc.

Data are collected in the web site via our own Unified Client, allowing us to have 100% control over the code running in the end-user’s browser (instead of relying on code provided by one or more of the Big-Tech companies). This leads better control of collected data, to more responsive web site experience and gives the web site owner more persisted collection of data.

Our Data Switch gives owners the opportunity to send protected data to multiple destinations like preferred analytic tool and/or Data Warehouse.

Enhanced analytics

Operating PII Guard Proxy in cookieless mode will rocket your website performance to a new next level.

  • Increase online performance

    +100% more and better data to deliver revenue growth.

  • Better end-user experience

    Say farewell to annoying cookie banners.

  • Stay compliant

    Best-in-class privacy compliance.

Why is our Cookieless Analytics unique?

Cookieless Analytic mode is a new and groundbreaking technology which unite the best of the best within online performance, user experience and privacy.

More and Better Data

+100% more and better data

Collect more data and avoid missing a lot of valuable information when you use cookieless mode.

Farewell to Cookie Banners

Farewell to cookie banners

Give visitors a faster and private page load experience without consent considerations and options to stop before entering the website.

Revenue Growth and Compliance

Revenue growth and compliance is a win-win

Protected data preserves its business value for owners to have cross-site tracking, better insights, and decisions.

Know More About Customers

Know more about customers

Fueling customer experience journeys with more and better data.

Stay Compliant and Keep Using Your Tools

Stay compliant and keep using your tools

With protected data from Analytics Gateway, you can keep on using Big Tech marketing tools without worrying about complicated and changing privacy regulations.

Ready to add value to your data and boost your business?