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We possess a variety of technologies for data protection, anonymization, and synthetic data generation, including our unique and patented technology for type-preserving encryption.

Based on these technologies and combined with our many years of experience, we have built PII Guard Data Gateway with an unparalleled level of data protection and privacy features – far ahead of competition.

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Next level privacy

Our mission is to enable our customers to protect data containing PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other sensitive information in such a way that the protected data preserves is business value while at the same time ensuring a high level of privacy protection. We have built a highly automated solution that is easy-to-use, efficient, and with protected data quality and privacy second-to-none.

Solutions and value creation

The PII Guard software is typically installed on-premises or in cloud infrastructure under our customer’s sole control and will match any IT environment and architecture. The software will be your Gateway to solve many needs and demands like:

  • Data Protection

    Protect PII in data sent between systems and security zones: at rest, in transit, and while being processed in, e.g., data warehouse and cloud. Or for analytics and AI training.

  • Test Data

    Automate test data generation for multiple purposes like system development etc.

  • Compliance

    Features like extended (Augmented) PII mapping and documentation, right to be forgotten etc.

Why is our software unique?

The straightforward answer is because we help data owners to set protected data free for business purposes, without having concerns and delays from stakeholders like IT, Security, Legal etc. PII Guard software is your fast Gateway to high quality protected customer data. This valuable capability is derived from offering areas like:



Advanced scanning technology quickly detects the type of data, sensitivity, and technical properties among very large sizes of data. The search can be customized.

Sensitivity Classification & Protection

Sensitivity classification & protection

Corporate classification- and protection policies can be deployed and automatically enforced on all jobs, even in combination with PII Guard’s automated configuration suggestions. Automatic suggestion provides optimal and multiple methods for protecting data, including Type-Preserving Encryption, synthetic data, and anonymization (based on scanning result or customized input).

Type-Preserving Encryption (TPE)

Type-Preserving Encryption (TPE)

Our patented TPE technology encrypts data records so that the encrypted version of the record respects the format of the original data and such that referential integrity between data records is preserved. Data encrypted by TPE can be transported, stored, and processed as non-encrypted data (unlike classical encryption, where you cannot process encrypted data without decrypting it first). The most secure algorithm – Worldwide!

Determination and Referential Integrity

Determination and referential integrity

Type-Preserving Encryption ensures that referential integrity between records is preserved. It is designed to mathematically guarantee deterministic relations between input and output. This allows you to work freely with data – even between different systems and stakeholders.

Easy integration

Seamlessly connect PII Guard Data Gateway with your existing databases and file formats

Amazon S3 CSV
Apache Parquet
Azure Cosmos DB
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft SQL Server

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