World class protection of your data

Protect your data with a striking balance between business needs and privacy

How it works – take these three steps

With PII Guards unique data protection, we make it easy and secure for you to work with your data. We ensure your data is protected and does not expose personal or sensitive information.

  • Scan
  • Protect
  • Use
  • Advanced Scanning Technology

    Our advanced scanning technology detects the type of data, formatting, errors and irregularities.

    Anonymity and privacy

    Our solution guarantees anonymity and confidentiality for your company’s data, and the end-users. It preserves the format of information, whether it's text, numeric, or binary. Our technology is unique in the way that it allows you to work on encrypted data without making changes to your systems and keeping the value of data.

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    Advantages of PII Guard's solutions

    We help you minimize risk, streamline processes, and strengthen compliance.

    • The business value, structure, and usability of data is maintained after it has been protected, and the data can be processed as usual on existing systems without any modifications.
    • Drastically lowered risk of exposure or loss of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or sensitive information.
    • Augmented mapping and documentation of PII gives an up-to-date inventory of your valuable assets.
    • Auto configuration of jobs.
    • Facilitate Segregation of Duties and restrictive access policies.
    • No more time-consuming manual handling of access requests and export jobs.
    • Compliance with privacy laws and regulations.
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    Data is gold and accessible to you

    In a world where data's true potential lies in more knowledge and its accessibility, PII Guard not only preserves the integrity of your information but also ensures it's accessible when you need it most. Secure your data with confidence. Explore our solutions today.

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    Ready to add value to your data and boost your business?