Test data made easy

Transform the way you produce test data. Increase your efficiency and add value to your business. Our test data solution contributes to create test data preserving quality and maintaining data value.

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Stay agile, test smart

Use our unique solution for automated test data generation to maintain a correct and efficient test setup representing your production setup. 85% of all test managers say that it is becoming harder to develop and deliver solutions in a rapid pace, without compromising quality and increasing the risk of costly downtime and missing of deployment windows due to insufficient test coverage. Without automation the result is a much longer process and with higher costs.

Test data management fundamentals

To many organizations test data management is often known and described as slow, complex and labour-intensive process. That is why we have used many years of experience to design a high degree of automation to handle the fundamental areas and a process to get the jobs done.

  • Policies and governance structure incl. access control is automatically enforced on all jobs.
  • Choose recommended anonymization methods based on your cases-by-case objectives or set your preferred methods.
  • Our patented encryption technology, Type-Preserving Encryption is the most secure algorithm – worldwide. Here encrypted data records respect the format of the original data incl. referential integrity so you can process and work with it without decrypting it first.
  • Share and process your test data across systems and between stakeholders while keeping data.
  • Set automated test data generation frequency on jobs to always have updated test data.
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Efficient and easy to use

Good test data of high quality is the foundation of efficient testing of software and IT systems. Using a high degree of automation makes it more efficient and minimize the time spend looking for errors. Our solution automatically generates relevant documentation and insights, to ease the process of testers, auditors etc. – automated and easy to use.

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Test your way into increased business value

Our highly automated and accurate test data generation will enable you to set protected test data free internally and provide quick on demand access for development purposes without slowing the access with resource constraints from IT or legal regulatory concerns.

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Protect privacy in your data handling and process

The efficient anonymization of the PII in your test data gives you compliance with privacy regulations and GDPR. You will get the possibility to work with data without worrying about revealing any PII in the process. The anonymized data preserves all the properties important for testing (type, relations, formats, missing values etc.). You can use the high-quality test data in the same way as you would use production data.

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