Our Team

Martin Staal Boesgaard

CEO and founder

Martin has extensive knowledge and experience in information security and encryption technology. He has worked for 23 years in software development and management, and 17 years in information security and cryptography. He has also founded four companies, is the inventor of 10+ patent families and author of several scientific articles in the field of cryptography.

Lars Ramkilde Knudsen

Co-founder and designer of PII Guard’s cryptographic algorithms

Lars is professor in Cryptology at Technical University of Denmark and leading expert in symmetric cryptology with more than 100 publications. He is the co-designer of the crypto systems Serpent (AES finalist) and Present (ISO standard) and the inventor of impossible and truncated differentials.

Lars Neupart

Co-founder and commercial advisor

Lars is an experienced cyber security executive with 20+ years of experience as business developer, CEO and board member in security companies like Neupart, Secunia and Vigilante.